Borgers and Associates LLC announces our new venture Borgers, Saunders, Taylor and Associates LLC (“BSTA”), providing New Jersey’s Towns and Cities with Vacant and Abandoned Property Program Services, ranging from a single consulting or training session to full VAP program development and implementation. (click here for a comprehensive list of services). New Jersey has a huge under-reported problem of abandoned properties. Abandoned properties are estimated by some Analytics Firms to be numbered around 4,000-5,000 for the State; our research, however, suggests the actual number is over 50,000.

BSTA is led by Tom Borgers, a long-time advocate for homeowners and a former head of JP Morgan’s Real Estate Lending in New York. BSTA operations are led by COO Dwight Saunders, Director of Property Maintenance in East Orange, which has received substantial media praise and awards as the leader in VAP Programs. BSTA’s General Counsel is our talented and experienced attorney Kris Taylor.

BSTA is offering Towns a very profitable solution to their vacant and abandoned property issues with little to no increase in their budget.  BSTA estimates for towns with between 100 to 1,000 abandoned properties the net rvenue to could range from $600,000 to over $6,000,000 in just two years or less, with a full BSTA implementation. Towns that have put effective VAP programs into place have seen significant increases in investment in their communities, and our program should help towns see anywhere from $20 Million to over $400 Million in new investments over several years.

While your entire Town, police, and fire department will benefit from a thriving VAP Program, we believe the greatest beneficiaries will be the homeowners who have been living next door to, or across the street from these abandoned properties. Not only will property values begin to rise, but as neighborhoods improve and eye-sore abandoned homes decline, real estate appraisals for homes in the area will go up. For more information on BSTA and our services, please reach out to anyone on our executive team at the following numbers

Kris Taylor Esq.        –        516 769 8416

Tom Borgers             –        862 596 9564

Dwight Saunders      –         973 997 1605