BSTA offers a suite of services to help your Town or City 1) Develop, 2) Implement, 3) Oversee and 4) Enforce an effective Vacant and Abandoned Properties (VAP) Program. We can customize our services to the needs of your Town or City, ranging from our comprehensive, full service VAP Program to a more limited offering including any of the services listed below:

  • VAP Program Assessment, Ordinance Development and Action Plan
  • VAP Special Services: Receivership, Special Tax Sales, Spot Blight and Eminent Domain – BSTA offers both training in these special services, and also can come in and oversee special projects to address issues that these solutions aim to address
  • Training of VAP Staff in Class Room setting, and/or providing In-the-Field training as well: Courses and training programs designed for Code Enforcement in areas including Investigative Work, Administrative Work and Public Officer training
  • BSTA Gives VAP Training for other Departments that routinely interact with Vacant and Abandoned Properties and issues around them: Police, Fire, Health, etc.
  • Recruiting and Hiring temporary and/or permanent municipal VAP staff, including Code Enforcement and Supervisors
  • Municipal Back Office for a wide range of services including Identifying Owners and Creditors Responsible for VAP properties and their upkeep and for payment of fines and fees
  • Deputy Public Officer for Municipal Court Appearances, focused on recovering monies owed to the Town by Banks and LLCs not in compliance with VAP maintenance laws
  • Supervision of VAP Staff, can be given remotely and through on-site visits
  • Seminars Designed for your Town: topics include How to Bring New Investors, Protecting Homeowners and avoiding Vacant and Abandoned Properties, Information Seminars on VAP Programs, how they work, and why they are important to the Town
  • VAP Marketing Services
  • Other Customized Services


BSTA can develop a program that helps your Town with any of the needed services, and we are flexible in the ways we can work with your Town. We are open to agreements on a monthly basis, an annual basis, or a project basis. We are also open to revenue share agreements in lieu of or in addition to traditional billing for projects.