Tom Borgers, founder of Borgers & Associates, has been providing litigation support services since 1990 on behalf of regulatory agencies, institutional investors and other private and public sector entities. His experience has included work to provide services to litigants involving establishing facts, conducting discovery, negotiating settlements and other expert and consultant-tailored services. Borgers & Associates specializes in fact-finding and claims investigations, sophisticated forensic accounting services and compliance programs. Borgers & Associates clients have utilized team members in an array of matters across all forms of dispute resolution — trials, arbitrations and mediations.

We continue to work on behalf of our clients to locate and develop evidence and witnesses to support material allegations. We also have experience evaluating and refuting opinions of adversarial witnesses and other opponents as well assessing the qualifications of opposing expert witnesses.

Our success comes from the cross-pollination of our experts and consultants. By bringing in individuals with diverse backgrounds spanning Banking, Business, the Medical Sector and Healthcare, as well as from Academia and the Investigative and Intelligence Communities, we feel confident in our ability to provide top-notch services customized to the needs of each of our clients.